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Driveway Strip

Design and Installation

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This client reached out to us about sprucing up their driveway strip. This is an excellent example of a garden coaching project done on a small budget. When we arrived, this space was home to four rose bushes and a patch of daffodils. We worked together with our client to transplant the rose bushes and store the daffodil bulbs for fall planting. We also worked together to transplant existing boxwood shrubs into this newly designed area. This meant the boxwood was not only being repurposed in the garden but also being used to pull consistencies between areas that are differentiating in styles. 

They wanted more color to bounce off their white house, and that is precisely what they got! Throughout the seasons the evergreen Cryptomeria will hold onto its chartreuse needles and interesting cones while the Maple tree will hold its beautiful red wood coloring as it cycles through the seasons with and without leaves. Perennials pop in and out of the picture as the Boxwood holds and anchors the space. 

Next year this strip will grow in so beautiful and lush. We watched so many pollinators and insects buzzing around the garden this summer! This is a fantastic example of one way you can transform a small space into a beautiful garden for pollinators. 

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