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The Farmstead

Design, Installation, and Maintenance 

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Our "Farmstead" clients reside in a home they built from the ground up on 15 acres of land whose previous use was a dairy farm.

Their space has been an open door to family and friends for as long as they have called this space home. As their children age they have decided it is time to start evolving the space for a new purpose. They have chosen to work with us to transform their farmstead into a retreat where they can share their bountiful space with others. Our combined plan and vision is to create a retreat where people can come stay and relax and learn about how to harvest and use food straight from their own gardens, no matter their size. 

This will be an ongoing, multi year project done in phases. To date we have designed all the new hardscaping and soft scaping done on the property. Phase 1 included the design and installation of 2 staircases, one from the house to the front garden and the other from the side garden to the back garden. The tiered gardens in the front of the house are home to beautiful Lavenders, Artichokes, Bays, and Figs to name a few of the edibles used. This design also includes a gravel pathway skirted with various varieties of low growing Thyme and Rosemary.

Come back to our website to see the changes made as our phases progress or follow us on our socials to stay up to date in real time. 

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