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Our Manifesto 

We are dedicated to evolving and preserving your space in the healthiest, most sustainable ways possible. To us this means tackling every design from the root, literally. Our gardens and ecosystems start their growth at soil level, so naturally this is where we believe is the best starting point in our work. Soil health is imperative to the health and longevity of plants. and when the soil is healthy, the plants are healthy! By extension, our gardening practices are 100% sustainable, without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. We implement natural and organic practices whenever possible while solving pest, weed, and invasive plant issues.


It is important to us that your space reflects your style, interests, and needs. We will work together with you as a team, from our initial interactions and site visit, throughout the design process and installation, and maintenance steps. With our head team members having backgrounds in education we find the process of educating our clients to be second nature.

We love plants and want to see your home ecosystem flourish by introducing plants that will attract wildlife and beneficial insects to your yard. In a world where there is so much natural habitat being torn down, we want to build it back up a little bit at a time. We do this by integrating Edimentals into the landscape. 


"Edimentals" is a term we use to convey the ornamental and edible properties of plants that we choose to place in your design. Not only are Edimentals beautiful, they can be a great option to grow your own food at home in addition to the use of raised beds! Incorporating Edimentals means the introduction of plants with edible leaves, flowers, and fruits. Did you know parts of plants like spruce tips, magnolia flowers, and elderberry are edible? You may see edible plants all around you every day and not even realize their edible potentials! We do not want to keep this to ourselves, let us share this knowledge with you so that you can introduce edibility into your garden's space! Browse our Gallery to see how we incorporate Edimentals into our designs. Go to our Services page to see how you can get started adding Edimentals to your garden, or go to the Contact page to send us an email inquiry. 

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