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When you choose to work with us to create your dream garden you can feel confident that your garden will be sustainable for the environment. We are dedicated to the health and longevity of our ecosystems, which is why we avoid chemical interactions by creating designs that do the work for you. From soil type and health, sun exposure, climate needs, and our mantra of "Right Plant, Right Place," we create landscapes that hold multi seasonal interest. With the use of Edimental plants, we create designs that give back the love and care that you put into them in the form of edible beauty. We prepare and install our own designs to ensure the practices that are important to us are followed. We do not subcontract maintenance and maintain all our own designs, as well as take on new maintenance clients as our schedule allows. 

When you contact us about working together, we will conduct an initial $200, 90 minute site visit. This includes meeting you in your home to talk about what your interests for the space are.

If you are interested in working with us but are not sure which of the listed services relates to your needs, send us a message on the contact page and we will discuss how we can move forward as a team to meet your individual needs. 

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